This was the single most important experience with our son that we have ever

had. CA (Parent)


Results! One of our sons changed in front of our eyes. He did things we’ve never

seen him do. John, WA (Parent)


I learned that my sons will not break. I don’t fell so stupid and actually feel

empowered to promote a better life for our kids. I understand the human psyche

more. Debra, MN (Parent)


Our son is more fun to be with, he is more interactive with us. Garret, CA (Parent)



With professional support from the PACE Place staff, family challenges can be

addressed that are often elusive in more traditional service models. This is

how previous PACE Place families have experienced the PACE Place

Immersion Model.

Immersion Defined:

They made teaching moments out of everything, everywhere we went. Even

buying tickets for the light rail. Getting out to places in the community was more

helpful than we ever imagined. James, MN (Parent)


Prior to this experience we were too busy “teaching,” but not having fun. Janet,

OR (Parent)


The PACE Place home was much more effective for our family than an office

setting. What is done in a clinical setting does not necessarily transfer to real

life. This was a field guide to transforming our sons. You can only do this by

applying theory to reality. Jeanie, MT (Parent)


The store experience was amazing. Alex is kind of a wanderer and does not pay

attention to his dad, so the ability to ‘third party’ this experience and work through

it was an exceptional learning moment. Joanne, WI (Parent)

























PACE Place: Family Immersion Week: Testimonials



PACE Place is the great equalizer, allowing each parent to contribute, learn, and develop a level of understanding based

on a uniquely shared experience. Previous PACE Place mothers have expressed their thoughts here.

Testimonials from Moms:

The first day we went to the grocery store and it became apparent as to what was not working for our family and we made

changes within the FIRST DAY that were helpful to my son. Jill, CA (Parent)


I learned that it was okay to put my foot down and allow my son to carry his own weight. Kristi, MN (Parent)


We took a walk in the nature preserve. He came in as one child and come out as another. Carol, CA (Parent)



PACE Place can be particularly empowering for fathers. Fathers who have attended PACE Place have made these


Testimonials from Dads:

The bike-riding was a huge success. My son did not want to get on the bike and Eric got that started. Then, we were able

to take it from there. It was the stepping stones that the week provided and the ability for us to implement that was our

measure of success. Joseph, OR (Parent)


It was amazing seeing the kids change. I enjoyed listening to Kathi and Eric explain what was going on with the kids…that

was a first. It empowered me to be more successful. Anthony, WI (Parent)


Don’t hold back. Be who you are as much as you can. Keep your eyes and ears open and learn all you can. Jerry, CA



I remember thinking before we signed up for the week how much we were investing, and thinking afterward how quickly

could we get back to PACE Place. Peter, WA (Parent)





The PACE staff prides itself on maintaining effective working relationships with families and professionals by

demonstrating professional skills with an attitude of mutual respect. Here is what previous PACE Place families have

said about the PACE Place staff:

PACE Place Week


Three Professionals:

The combination of the three is the formula that seemed to work. They complement each other very well. Denise, CA



The key was the way the three of them complemented each other. Having just one would not have been as effective. It is

good that they split up the time. Charlie, ID (Parent)


They got a good handle on my son from the first day. They zeroed in on what he needed very, very quickly. Linda, WA



Before I went to PACE Place, I was a little worried about being judged. The staff had very non-judging personalities which

gave us hope right away. John, MN (Parent)

Kathi Calouri, Ph.D., Clinical Director:

Kathi is very down to earth and non-pretentious. She is easy to understand and quite brilliant. Matt, WI (Parent)


From Kathi I got a lot of tactical nitty-gritty that we use all the time. She supported me to have high expectations. She was

very level-headed. Jody, ID (Parent)


Kath is very warm and confident. Not your typical, cold professional. Trish, CA (Parent)


Kathi is very practical and goal-oriented. She is a problem solver. Kathi was very helpful in summing up the sessions.

She is very specific in her words. Melanie, NV (Parent)


Kathi is practical, intellectual, and positively in charge. She thinks out of the box. Phil, MN (Parent)


I felt the most comfortable with Kathi, her well-roundedness, ABA training, and her style of how she called out my son was

superb. Maria, CA (Parent)


I really felt Kathi’s human side and her compassion. Robin, MN (Parent)

Eric Hamblen, Program Director:

Eric was phenomenal in his ability to assimilate knowledge and various techniques and apply them to a child in the form

of play or experiences. Joshua, MT (Parent)


Eric has great intuition. He was able to provide a commentary as to what our daughter was doing. Her randomness

suddenly made sense. Laurie, CA (Parent)


Eric has an amazing way of assessing our son and what works for him. Eric has an intuitive way of working. He is

creative and playful. Robert, ID (Parent)


I was amazed by Eric’s ability to connect with kids. Eric has joy in his heart and confidence. His instincts are right on.

Jennifer, CA (Parent)


The bean bag area in the loft was a great moment. Eric really connected with our daughter in a way we never did before –

and she chased Eric down the stairs chanting ‘Eric’…and she is non-verbal. Shannon, MN (Parent)


Eric’s energy and passion are only outweighed by his ability to communicate the message to an audience in such a way

that you walk away with a skill you did not have that same day. Petro, MN (Parent)


My husband said that if they ever can clone someone, it should be Eric. Kate, AZ (Parent)


Eric has such an intuitive power. He connects well with anyone. Eric is great when he talks to you about the theory.

Daniel, IL (Parent)

Steve Ryan, M.A.,C.C.C., Speech-Language Pathologist:

Steve has an uncanny ability to read the face of a child and know when to change his plan and when to stick with it. Tim,

MN (Parent)


Steve does everything so easily. You never feel like you are “working.” Rebecca, OR (Parent)


I loved Steve’s connection, almost as a big brother. Trevor, NJ (Parent)


Steve is very low-key. We loved his goofiness. Kathryn, CA (Parent)


Steve took us to the grocery store. Our son was so dysregulated that day and Steve’s method of touch in the store made

such a visible difference. It made me trust Steve after that. Amanda, ID (Parent)


Steve is really good at comprehending the limits of our child. He knew exactly where to sit without sitting an inch too

close. Scott, CA (Parent)



With professional support, parents can explore new ways for family members to learn about themselves and each other.

Please read what previous PACE Place families have said about their experience.

Expectations for the Parents:

The way we live has changed! We developed the feeling that we could trust our own judgment again. Daryl, CA (Parent)


At the store, we learned that as parents we did not have to suffer. Our son learned that he could keep it together when

frustrated, which was a first. By the time Friday rolled around, we went to the museum (our son’s favorite place) which was

closed and we had techniques to solve the stress. Karen, NY (Parent)


Every day seemed like it was somewhat relaxed and fun, but by the end of the day there were significant learning. Mike, CA



We are not angry at our son any more because of the autism. Amy, NJ (Parent)


We learned so much about why things are happening and how to change them through our actions and behaviors. Erinn,

ID (Parent)



Although the backdrop of the week is a series of family-friendly activities, because we are addressing your child’s areas

of difficulty, there can be some frustrating moments. These families have shared their memories.

Expectations for the Child and Siblings:

My son really enjoyed it. He really walked away feeling successful. No other professionals made him feel successful

except for PACE. It empowered him. I had never heard our son say, “I can do it myself,” before that experience. Theresa,

CA (Parent)


We learned to not constantly be a hawk over our son. He can do things for himself. Life got easier. Judith, OR (Parent)


Our son is now much more adventuresome than he was prior to the week. Jack, WI (Parent)


It was amazing how fast they absorbed our child. They made our daughter feel good as well. George, WA (Parent)



The family drives the week’s target areas with our guidance and suggestions. Previous PACE Place families comment on

their goals and share their perspectives.

Typical Family Targets:

Make that list! Think long and hard about what problems you want so solve – what makes you cry, what makes you

frustrated, what halts your day. Carolyn, NV (Parent)


We sent a list of what we wanted to achieve and we consistently went back to that list throughout the week. Terry, NM



Don’t worry. They will make you feel comfortable. Do not worry about mistakes you may make, just be honest about your

issues and problems. Paul, MN (Parent)


Do not hold anything back. Open up and tell all. Elizabeth, CA (Parent)



The full days help families immerse themselves into the therapeutic lifestyle without feeling rushed. Other families

express themselves regarding a full week of professional support.

One Week:

It was non-stop therapy, but it felt like playing with our daughter. Todd, ID (Parent)


I really appreciated the schedule. We had time to ourselves prior to the start of the day, during lunch, and in the evenings.

The pace of the day worked for us. Michelle, OH (Parent)


Go right away and do not let other therapies or knowledge get in the way. Kris, CA (Parent)



The PACE Place home is comfortable and fully operational. Previous PACE Place families comment on the

accommodations of PACE Place.

PACE Place Home:

I wish some of the vacation homes I’ve rented were as well equipped and comfortable as PACE Place. Samuel, MI



When I walked in the front door, I said, “Bless you,” out loud. Danni, CA (Parent)


After your week at PACE Place, you will receive a written report and a DVD of the experiences videotaped. Families have

found these tools useful upon their return home.

Written Reports and Recording Your Week:

Once a week my husband and I sit down with a glass of wine and re-read the report together, reminding ourselves of the

progress our son is making and areas we can focus on for the upcoming week. Vivian, FL (Parent)


Our son likes to watch the DVD. It brings back good memories for him. We provided a copy to our home therapist. It is a

shot in the arm for me as a parent. It complements our report. David, WA (Parent)

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