Eric Hamblen

Eric J. Hamblen, Program Director

Eric Hamblen is the co-founder and Program Director of PACE, Inc. and PACE Place. Eric has been working with children with social learning challenges including Autism Spectrum Disorders(ASD) since 1985 in both private and public settings. Eric worked at the UCLA Clinic for the Behavioral Treatment of Children under the direction of Dr. Ivar Lovaas. Eric completed the RDI Certification under Dr. Steve Gutstein (Certified RDITM Consultant, 2003-2006). Eric has provided consultations and training to families and professionals all over the world and has presented at international seminars. Eric’s passion is helping families strengthen their emotional connections with one another to promote healthier family dynamics. Eric enjoys facilitating  activities for families, which naturally support the children’s developmental needs and family goals. Eric enjoys helping families think through their challenges and together find dynamic solutions.

“Eric was phenomenal in his ability to assimilate knowledge and various techniques and apply them to a child in the form of play or experiences.”

Joshua, MT (Parent)

“Eric has great intuition. He was able to provide a commentary as to what our daughter was doing. Her randomness suddenly made sense.”

Laurie, CA (Parent)