KathiWeb4-9-07-212x282Katherine A. Calouri, Ph.D., Clinical Director

Dr. Calouri is the co-founder and Clinical Director of P.A.C.E., Inc. and PACE Place. Kathi has been working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) since 1982 in clinical and educational settings. She earned her B. A. from Claremont McKenna College while training at the Autism Clinic at the Claremont Graduate School in California under the supervision of Dr. Laura Schreibman and Dr. Marjorie Charlop. She worked as a classroom teacher with the Columbia Regional Program for Autism in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Calouri earned her M.A. and Ph.D. at UCLA where she supervised the Clinic for the Behavioral Treatment of Children under the supervision of Dr. Ivar Lovaas. With compassion and common-sense wisdom, Kathi utilizes her experience to inspire parents toward positive change within the family.

“Kathi is very down to earth and non-pretentious. She is easy to understand and quite brilliant.”
Matt, WI (Parent)

From Kathi I got a lot of tactical nitty-gritty that we use all the time. She supported me to have high expectations. She was very level-headed.
Jody, ID (Parent)

EricWeb2aEric J. Hamblen, Program Director

Eric Hamblen is the co-founder and Program Director of PACE, Inc. and PACE Place. Eric has been working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders(ASD) since 1985 in both private and public settings. Eric worked at the UCLA Clinic for the Behavioral Treatment of Children under the direction of Dr. Ivar Lovaas. Eric completed the RDI Certification under Dr. Steve Gutstein (Certified RDITM Consultant, 2003-2006). Eric has provided consultations and training to families and professionals all over the world and has presented at international seminars. Eric’s passion is combining social learning with the outdoors. Eric enjoys facilitating recreational adventures for children and their families such as camping, backpacking, and experiencing challenge courses. Eric enjoys helping families think through their challenges and together find dynamic solutions.

“Eric was phenomenal in his ability to assimilate knowledge and various techniques and apply them to a child in the form of play or experiences.”

Joshua, MT (Parent)

“Eric has great intuition. He was able to provide a commentary as to what our daughter was doing. Her randomness suddenly made sense.”

Laurie, CA (Parent)

steve-04-19-07-212x278Steve Ryan, MA, CCC,
Speech-Language Pathologist Certified (RDI™) Consultant, 2005-2006.

Steve Ryan is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. Steve earned his B.S. from Western Illinois University and his M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology and Linguistics at Northern Illinois University. As a graduate student, Steve was selected to be a member of an elite team of faculty and graduate students whose group focus was to develop and implement a dynamic, family systems model of intervention for families who had a member with a communication

disorder. Steve began developing the speech and language program at Project P.A.C.E., Inc. in 1999. His approach is well grounded in the principles of ABA and he incorporates a delicate balance between child-directed interactions and adult-directed interactions. Steve has developed a strong reputation for the effective way he uses movement to develop a child’s desire to initiate, respond, and attend to social interaction.

“Steve has an uncanny ability to read the face of a child and know when to change his plan and when to stick with it.”

Tim, MN (Parent)

Steve does everything so easily. You never feel like you are “working.”

Rebecca, OR (Parent)