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With experience and training in a variety of methodologies, the professionals at Project PACE, Inc (“PACE”) have acquired highly effective strategies and a knowledge-based instinct to optimize learning. The PACE team draws on the most progressive information in the field and identifies the strategies that best fit the child and family. Of course, the PACE  team is eager to incorporate the parents’ knowledge about their family. The consultation format is the most effective way to transfer knowledge between the parent and the PACE team.

Moms & Dads

The PACE  team engages the entire family when providing services. The team
recognizes how Moms develop cycles of protection, which can both support and inhibit development. Thus, they guide Moms to appreciate and balance these maternal instincts to promote the child’s development. The PACE  team also recognizes the style of teaching, guiding, and parenting that is unique to Dads. The team coaches Dads to find their own way of promoting the child’s development. The team guides both parents to enjoy and respect each other’s contributions to the family.

Emotional Regulation

When a child can better regulate emotional responses to excitement, frustration, disappointment, and uncertainty, the quality of life of the entire family improves. The PACE  professionals coach parents as they confront real-life challenges in the home environment (such as better managing the morning routine) as well as activities in the community (such as eating in a restaurant or regulating emotional outbursts in public settings.) Consultation takes place in the PACE office, community, and in the family’s home.

Restoring Family Balance

The PACE team uses the family’s goals as their guide for appropriate and effective treatment. Many families have goals related to restoring better balance within the family, without the child or the diagnosis dominating all family experiences. The PACE Place team develops competence in both the parent and the child. This ensures that the techniques learned in treatment carry over into daily life and maximize the child’s developmental progression.

Our Philosophy

•  We believe a child should not be in charge of a family. A diagnosis should not be in charge of a child.
•  We believe that all children are the happiest, most secure, and most available for learning when the parent-child relationship is balanced.
•  We empower parents to regain the primary role in the growth and development of their child and their family.
•  We support and guide families, in practical everyday situations, as they develop and grow the relationships within their family.
•  We guide the parent-child relationship using typical human development as the guide.
•  We focus on helping families thrive in everyday situations and environments by providing practical and useful strategies that empower parents and restore family balance.

One of the strongest indicators of successful intervention is how competently a family can address a child’s needs and developmental goals in their daily lives. PACE services are designed to generate effective strategies that increase your confidence and competence in your home and community. With professional support from the PACE team, family challenges can be addressed that are often elusive in more traditional service models.

Professional Staff

The PACE professionals do not teach a program; they teach a life-style. The main goal is to make family life easier and more rewarding. The PACE  professionals wish to inspire families to think about their children in a new way, nurturing their strengths and supporting their challenges.

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Fee for Services

The PACE  team typically works with families in two- or three-hour consultation blocks. This is often the best way to address family concerns in a meaningful way, during “real-life” activities (e.g., grocery store, bowling, chores). It allows enough time for the entire team (consultant, child, and parents) to analyze the situation, formulate and test effective strategies, and be sure everyone understands the new approach. Consultation time can be scheduled weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Office Rates
We can meet at our office at a rate of $120 per hour, for a one- to five-hour
session. Very often we move into the community after a period of time at the

Community Rates
We can also meet at your home, child’s school, or in the community (in the
Portland Metro Area) at a rate of $160 per hour, for a one- to five-hour session.

Please contact Dr. Calouri to discuss the best plan for your family.
Telephone:  503.356.8334, ext. 2#