Recalling Your Week

After Your Week

PACE Place: Family Immersion Week: Recalling Your Week

Written Report

During the week, each of the PACE Place professionals write notes

summarizing their observations and recommendations. Parents and other

family members are encouraged to write daily notes of their own. Putting

experiences into your own words is a powerful way to make the most of a

learning situation.

The way we live has changed! We developed the feeling that we could trust

our own judgment again. Daryl, CA (Parent)


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At PACE Place, cameras and microphones are located in the kitchen, living

room, and recorded. At the end of the week you will be sent home with the

original DVD(s) for your review. PACE keeps none of the recordings. You will

have the only copy. You can record as little or as much as you wish.

Adventures in the community are often captured through photos from a

camera phone. Families who wish additional recordings or higher quality

images in the community are encouraged to bring their own cameras and

video cameras.

Our son likes to watch the DVD. It brings back good memories for him.

We provided a copy to our home therapist. It is a shot in the arm for me as a

parent. It complements our report. David, WA (Parent)

Post-Week Consultation


When your family returns home, the PACE Place professionals are available to

consult with you by telephone and/or email. Once we have all gotten to know

each other, it can be very powerful for families to chat with a member of the

PACE staff to get fresh ideas, a new perspective, or review concepts

discussed during the week’s visit. We feel very connected to families during

their week at PACE Place and we love to hear of your triumphs and wish to

continue to support future challenges.


For the first month upon your family’s return home, you may schedule two

telephone consultations with any member of the PACE Place staff for no fee.

We are committed to your continued success and we want to hear from you.

You may consult with whichever professional is best suited for your question

or concern (i.e., Kathi Calouri, Eric Hamblen, or Steve Ryan). After your first

two free telephone consultations, you will be able to continue to consult with

the PACE staff, pro-rated appropriately at the following rates:


Katherine Calouri, Ph.D.: $120 per hour

Eric Hamblen: $120 per hour

Steve Ryan, MA, CCC: $120 per hour


Many families have a relationship with a consultant in their home communities

and they often continue working with that person after their visit to PACE

Place. Any member of the PACE Place staff would be happy to collaborate

with a

family’s educational team or local consultant.


In additional to telephone consultations, Kathi, Eric, and Steve are dedicated

emailers and are happy to respond to any email thoughts, concerns, or

questions you may have. If your question cannot be handled appropriately by

email, a telephone consultation will be scheduled and billed at the above


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