AT EASE® Philosophy

Learning is most effective when all involved are feeling at ease. With over 30 years of  providing services to families in their day-to-day lives Eric’s unique experiences created the platform for him to develop the family-centered AT EASE® approach.  By utilizing the principles of AT EASE® Eric empowers parents and children to create strategies that lead to a higher quality of life for the whole family. Recognizing the importance of the parent-child relationship, he guides parents to use interventions tailored to each family’s strengths and challenges, thus making services beneficial to individuals of all ages and skill levels. With a dedication and creativity Eric continues to seek out, teach, and provide best practices, drawing families from around the world. He prides himself on maintaining effective working relationships with families and professionals by demonstrating professional skills with an attitude of mutual respect. Eric is an approachable professional who is “in the trenches,” working directly with individuals with social learning challenges and those serving them, which keeps his skills finely tuned.

Eric comes from a variety of educational backgrounds and work experiences. He has training in numerous therapeutic approaches and receives on-going instruction. He finds great satisfaction in learning about treatment methodologies with the intent of using a wide range of teaching tools as appropriate to the families he serves. Eric attends conferences and workshops spending countless personal hours in the quest for knowledge.

Eric is highly trained and experienced in the art of guiding families to reconnect with their intuitive abilities to address challenges and enhance their relationships. PACE Place is an experience for the whole family.

PACE Place is an experience you share with your children. PACE Place is a gift to your whole family.