Parent Expectations

The week at PACE Place is exciting, exhausting, inspiring, exhausting, fun,

exhausting, terrifying, exhausting, and did we mention exhausting. Most

families tell us how surprised they were by how drained they felt by the intensity

of the week. You are expected to think about your child and your entire family in

a fresh way that is very intense. You will be with one of the PACE Place

professionals for approximately five hours per day. The schedule typically ends

by 2:30 pm, giving your family time to relax, reflect, and renew your energy.

Upon seeing their schedule, many families have expressed their surprise that

they were “finished” at 2:30 pm. At the end of each day, most families have

expressed their gratitude that they were finished at 2:30 pm and free to process

five hours of experiences and discussions.


To fully benefit from the PACE Place experience, families must be prepared to

challenge every limitation they believe about their child and their family.

Together we can explore new ways for your family members to learn about

themselves and each other.


Both parents must come for the entire week. Parental unity is important to your

child’s progress and to your ability to support each other. If you are a single

parent, you may bring another adult with you who will be an emotional support

to you and your child.


Parents are asked to not bring nannies, grandparents, or home therapists. The

PACE Place program is family-centered and parent-driven. The goal of the

Immersion Model is to empower parents to be the primary force in their child’s

development. Then, parents will be able to share their expertise of their own

child with their support systems when they get home. If you have concerns

about this policy, you may discuss possible exceptions with Dr. Calouri prior to

your stay.

The way we live has changed! We developed the feeling that we could trust our

own judgment again. Daryl, CA (Parent)


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