Family Immersion Week

PPI-376x296One of the strongest indicators of successful intervention is how a family is able to address a child’s emotional needs and develop intuitive strategies to help them regulate their experiences within their daily lives. PACE Place is a unique immersion model of service designed to help increase your confidence and competence in a home environment. With professional support from the PACE Place, family challenges that are often elusive in more traditional service models can be addressed.

The PACE Place Family Immersion Week® has been over 30 years in the making. Together we will focus on strategies that best fit your child and family, rather than any particular treatment model. As many have experienced, the AT EASE® approach focuses on guiding competence within the family. Together we focus on exploration, which leads to the discovery of effective strategies specific to the parenting styles within each family. This insures greater success of carry over and developmental progression. Eric guides parents by drawing on the most progressive information in the field and breaking it down to practical day-to-day application that parents can readily recognize and apply to change their family’s future for the better.

PACE Place is an experience for the whole family. As a family, you are in a new environment, engaging in NEW dynamics and new opportunities, new freedom. One foundational pillar of the immersion model lies in the absence of familiar routines and structures for everyone in your family; each family member is being exposed to NEW learning. Equally important, is that the immersion model is an adult learning model.  Adults have fully developed brains.  Thus, immersion is one of the more effective ways for adults to absorb new learning.  Over the week the adults will have a full week to think only of your children, each other, and how you relate to one another. There are no appointments to keep, lawns to mow, meetings to attend, etc. After your week at PACE Place, you will leave with significant, measurable progress toward your family’s goals.

One of the primary goals of PACE Place is to provide opportunities that can influence and positively change your child’s brain development. We want to teach families how to remediate the core deficit areas of a diagnosis while strengthening and nurturing relationships within the family. Rather than interfere with family life, we want to help parents learn how to assess and develop compensatory systems that lead to a higher quality of life rather within activities that mirror their daily lives. Eric guides families on how to enjoy being a family, regardless of the obstacles they face. Eric seizes on key moments within activities that provide the opportunity to develop creative problem-solving techniques and dynamic thinking. We will work together to balance appropriate independence with appropriate interdependence. Together we will strive to recreate the discovery process that occurs in child development. We will do this by modifying our communication, the environment, and our expectations in accordance with the child’s developmental readiness.

During your PACE Place experience, you will have the eyes, ears, minds, and hearts of over 30 years of professional experience understanding and treating children with social learning challenges including, but not limited to, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorders, Non-Verbal Learning Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Executive Functioning Challenges, etc. within the family system. Through real time day-to-day activities Eric will provide the opportunity to experience creative problem solving and dynamic thinking. The goal is to reignite the curiosity for the “exploration-discovery” process within each family member.

While your child is likely the primary reason you are considering a visit to PACE Place, however it is their role within the dynamics of your entire family that is pivotal. Your experience at PACE Place will not feel like traditional therapy. PACE Place is not something you DO TO your children. Rather, it is an experience you SHARE WITH your children. PACE Place does not feel like a clinic and the experience will not be purely about your child. Your experience at PACE Place should feel like you are guiding your children through various experiences and allowing them the opportunity to make their own discoveries. Eric will help you be the guide and the primary reference point for your children during your time at PACE Place. The objectives you create before your visit guide his thinking during the beginning of the week. During the course of the week, we all will gain a deeper understanding of how, with your help, your child can best make progress on your family’s goals.

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Hopefully the above information can help you decide if the PACE Place Family Immersion Week® is an experience you wish to have.  I encourage you to call and let me help you determine if the PACE Place Family Immersion Week® is a good match for your family. You may set up a free telephone appointment with me, Eric Hamblen so I can further describe the program and answer any questions you might have related to your family’s unique needs. Please contact me to set up this appointment at: