Workshop: AT EASE® Creative ways to see your child’s behavior by looking through the “emotional lens”, Minneapolis, MN

Event Details

Saturday May 5th

YMCA Southdale – Edina
7355 York Avenue South, Edina, MN 55435

Fee: $20.00 per person
To register email Eric Hamblen at
leave a voicemail at (503) 888-3939
You are invited to attend this workshop entitled,

AT EASE®: Creative ways to see your child’s behavior by looking through the “emotional lens”.

The AT EASE® workshops are designed for parents and professionals raising children and providing therapeutic services for individuals of ALL ages. There will be special emphasis on families raising children with social learning challenges (Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADD, ADHD, NVLD, PDD-NOS, SPD, Executive Functioning Challenges, Anxiety, Trauma, Attachment Challenges etc.).

When we think of human development we have to be aware that emotions play a pivotal role in people’s decision making.
All behavior is driven by an emotion, so to understand a behavior and how to work on it we need to know which emotion(s) are the trigger for that behavior.
The premise of AT EASE® is: Accessing relationships in a healthy way, Tolerating the natural discomfort that occurs in learning, Exploring accepting the guidance of a trustful adult, Applying what one has learned in more sophisticated scenarios, Seeking more learning to Evolve in our capacities and relationships.
This AT EASE® training will cover the basics of how to leverage our intuition more effectively in order to guide and mentor children regardless of the stage of development they are in.
In this training we will explore the emotional challenges we all face in trying to support people with different learning and processing styles. The course is comprised of several activities specifically designed to help adults reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses. In addition, all activities are designed to evoke emotions in order to help each participant better understand their own strategies they use to regulate naturally occurring comfortable and uncomfortable emotions.
We will have moments for discussion. Participants will have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the emotions that drive their own behaviors as well as the behaviors of their children.
At the end of the workshop, participants will have a more developed capacity to:
  • Recognize the emotion(s) that drives your own and others’ behaviors;
  • Be part of a group of like-minded individuals who use a common emotion-based vocabulary in describing, analyzing, and creatively guiding challenging behaviors in a manner more likely to promote development.
  • Creative ways to see your child’s behavior by looking through the “emotional lens,” which will enable you to seek and discover new strategies for promoting self-esteem and self-confidence.

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