Teen Immersion Week – July 23rd to July 27th

Event Details

Teen Immersion Week is a time for adventure and growth. Teens are in the process of individuating from their primary caregivers (parents) they need positive adult and peer role models to learn from. During the teen years parents are looking for experiences that safely support their child’s ability to get out of their comfort zones with safe and supportive adults who “get it” and can help them stretch and grow. Camp like experiences are often a powerful way to help children stretch and grow both socially and emotionally. The Teen Immersion Week is designed to support children with social learning challenges and new experiences while receiving the emotional support they need to feel safe as they journey into the unexpected with their peers. In order to ensure a successful experience, the Teen Immersion Week is limited to teens that have a prior relationship with a PACE professional. If you are interested in the Teen Immersion Week this summer please contact Eric Hamblen at ehamblen@paceplace.org or 503-888-3939

PACE Place
2360 SW 170th Ave
Beaverton, OR 97003

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