Child Expectations

The week is meant to be fun for the whole family. The entire family helps

generate each day’s plan of activities and we are able to address a family’s

concerns in almost any environment. For example, if a family struggles with a

bossy, controlling child, those issues and behaviors can present themselves

in the home environment or during an outing. Or, if a child tends to withdraw

from social engagement, this tendency occurs in both the home and in the

community. Thus, each family picks activities that reflect their typical

opportunities at home and in their community. Portland has a lot to offer and

the PACE staff can guide your family’s learning while at a book store, the

Children’s Museum, or grocery shopping. So, from the child’s perspective,

this need not be a week of “therapy.” This is a week of adventures.


Despite the effort to create a fun, adventure-filled week, there is no doubt that

many of the children are challenged to their potential during the week at PACE

Place. Although the backdrop of the week is a series of family-friendly

activities, there can be some frustrating moments because we are addressing

your child’s areas of difficulty.


You are encouraged to bring your other children as it will help us better

understand your entire family system. Like “real life,” all of your children will

participate in the day’s activities as much as possible. Like many families

routinely practice, sometimes a “divide and conquer” strategy is employed to

optimize learning. We do not provide or arrange for child-care for your little



Many siblings are grateful for the week’s experience at PACE Place. As often

is the case, siblings are expected to be very flexible, compensating for a non-

flexible sibling. Often siblings are extraordinarily compassionate and are

eager to help; they are thrilled to have an effective role with their brother or

sister. All too often, siblings are frustrated by the amount of time their parents

spend with their brother or sister and are relieved that some new strategies

may give their parents a better handle on the child with challenges and free up

time for the other children.

My son really enjoyed it. He really walked away feeling successful. No other

professionals made him feel successful except for PACE. It empowered him.

I had never heard our son say, “I can do it myself,” before that experience.

Theresa, CA (Parent)


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