We intend for every family to leave PACE Place with a clear vision of how to address each of the family’s goals. These goals are written by the family and provide the impetus for the week’s focus.

We intend for each family to have a better understanding of how the diagnosis of one (or more) family member impacts the entire family system. We recognize that for very good reasons, when a family member receives a diagnosis of any type of delay, parenting strategies can be heavily influenced by the parents’ uncertainty about how best to guide their child. We intend to help parents assess the pattern of development unfolding within the child and determine the obstacles to development. Our goal is to help parents review their parenting style and parenting strategies and discover their own vision for raising their children.

We intend to help families discover a higher quality of life, without the diagnosis over riding all aspects of their personal and professional lives. We intend for parents to remain or become the most influential force in the development of their child. We want families to rediscover the joy of parenting, not just the responsibility.

We wish to inspire families to think about their children in a new way, nurturing their strengths and supporting their challenges.

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