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With experience and passion, PACE utilizes AT EASE® to empower parents and children to create strategies that lead to a higher quality of life for the whole family. AT EASE® is a developmental, emotional regulation model created by the PACE professionals.  Learning to see through the AT EASE® lens helps parents and professionals appreciate that All behavior is driven by emotion.  Learning how to problem solve and think creatively is easier when children and adults learn how to appreciate and make sense of their naturally occurring comfortable and uncomfortable emotions.  PACE services leverages the principals of AT EASE while recognizing the primary importance of the parent-child relationship.  AT EASE® is tailored to each family’s strengths and challenges, thus making services beneficial to individuals of all ages and skill levels.
A fundamental principal of AT EASE® is that children are happiest, most secure, and most available for learning when the parent is in the lead. Thus, the AT EASE® approach focuses on fortifying the parent’s resolve to be the driving force in the family.  A child should not be in charge of a family.  A diagnosis should not be in charge of a child.
The overarching goal of PACE is to help families discover a higher quality of life, without the diagnosis overriding all aspects of their personal and professional lives.
• AT EASE® is an adult learning model.  Adults learn best through immersion experiences where they are receiving and utilizing feedback in real time while a dynamic is unfolding. 
* AT EASE® empowers parents to regain the primary role in the growth and development of their child and their family.
• AT EASE® is used to support and guide families, in practical everyday situations, as they develop and grow the relationships within their family.
• AT EASE® is used to guide the parent-child relationship using typical development as a guide.
• AT EASE® is used to guide interactions that create neurological change within the context of your family’s everyday relationships and activities.
• AT EASE® is used to help families recognize which experiences are related to a diagnosis and which are not.